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Land Rover Repair/Car has no power whatsoever


2006 landrover LR3 car hasno power whatsoever. Won't unlock/lock no lights doesn't crank at all!!! What is wrong?

Hi Anna,

could be the battery.  Have it tested.  A multimeter testing unit can verify how many volts are present in your battery.  Try having the LR3 boosted by another vehicle or spare battery.

Other than the battery, it could be the fusebox, the main relay or the Body Control Unit (BCU).  

Judging by your description, if you do not see ANY electrical component functioning (absolutely no power) it leaves only the battery.

IF it turns out to be the battery, I suggest you also have the alternator tested.  It could be that the alternator had failed and thus the battery eventually died.  Install a new battery and when the engine is running, verify that the alternator is working by testing the voltage present at the battery.  If its 13.9 volts or more, the alternator is working (charging), anything less indicates a possible problem witin the alternator (brushes?)

Best of luck,

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