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I have a 94 land rover discovery and for some reason a light with a trailer has came on and won't go off even when it is not running and the keys are not in it what does this light mean and how can I make it go off

Hi Chance,

did you do any repairs recently?  Change any bulbs in the rear?  Incorrect bulb wattage could do this as could any electrical rewiring work around the rear.  Could also be corrosion/short within the trailer connector.  Find the connection and take a close look for any signs corrosion or burn indications.  

It's also possible that a rear light problem may be triggering this.  Turn indicator lights, brake or marker light could be burnt out. Corrosion within one of the rear bulbholders or connectors can also do this.  Water is also a problem and can do strange things within the LR electrical system.  Carefully look at all the lights in the rear, search for any signs of water, corrosion or short (burn indications), clean the connectors with electrical or brake cleaner.  Bumper lights on mine caused some weird things on the dash once.

Then there is the possibility that the flasher module may be faulty.

Try pulling the trailer light fuse (footwell Sat.2 fuse#6) to see if it removes the light from the dash.  Then try stop lights fuse(footwell main fuse#1), rear fog guard lights (main fuse#9). If one of these fuses takes out the light on the dash, you know you are in the right area to diagnose.

Best of luck,

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