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I have a 2004 Land Rover Discovery, 4.0 ltr V8 petrol. I have a pipe that feeds the Ace system pump that keeps blowing off and leaking oil everywhere. Local garage have tried several different hydraulic clips but they don't seem to hold. At the moment the ace pump has been removed so its just running on standard air suspension. Can you please advise me on a way of fixing the problem, or if its suitable to run vehicle without ace system.
Kind regards

Hi Kristian,

I would address the problem of why the hose keeps blowing off.  Chance are that you have a blockage:

"CAUTION: The ACE hydraulic system is extremely sensitive to the ingress of dirt or
debris. The smallest amount could render the system unserviceable. "

Have a LR mechanic bench test the ACE pump, drain and and refill with new fluid. May even be ACE filter, when was it last changed?

I would not drive the LR without the ACE pump, at least not very far or fast.

CAUTION:  ACE system is under high pressure.  IF you want to bleed the system, carefully loosen the ACE filter cover and listen for air.

Best of luck,

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