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the rovers stops after a while just for nothing.  I clean "MAF" and still goes off .  I have  a code 1950  "abs" what do you think that is wrong,  because the rover turn on right away. but when is hot  it goes off...?  please any ideas.  thank you for you time.

Hi Frank,

I'm not aware of a P1950 OBDII code.   According to your description it could be any of these

1. Crankshaft position sensor (might simply be a loose connection)
2. Stepper motor
3. Throttle position sensor
4. Mass Air Flow sensor (very expensive item)
5. Vacuum advance unit (may be ruptured)
6. Fuel Pressure Regulator
7. Throttle position sensor
8. Idle Air Valve
9. O2 sensors

Best to have it diagnosed by a LR shop to find the fix fast and won't cost you in swapped out parts and time spent troubleshooting.

Could be that the MAF has finally failed and no amount of cleaning will revive it.

Best of luck,

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