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what do I have to do to turn on the drl or is there even that on the car

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Hi Tim,

seems the only part of the question I got was the ending (I think).  Here's what your question looked like when I got it...
Subject: drl

what do I have to do to turn on the drl or is there even that on the car

That was all.  Not much info. I was not sure what kind of Land Rover you had.  Looks like your text got lost somehow.  Some of the questions I get, I have to really scratch my head to find out what the problem is.  Next question you post, make sure you include year and model in the subject line, example:  "98Disco DRL not functioning"...  says it all.

Regarding your problem with the DRL, since it's a US vehicle, you may need to have (gasp) the dealer activate the DRL option.  For Series II Disco's, DRL is an option within the vehicles BCU computer and a dealer Testbook or Autologic device initiates this (programming).  Older series I Disco's are hard wired and need a DRL module kit I believe.  Don't know how much the dealer will charge for this (maybe 1 hour labour) and I don't think you need any additional components.  It should all be 'there' but just not 'activated' within your Disco's computer.

So, find a independent LR mechanic who can reprogram your Disco's computer to activate the DRL or go to your local dealer and have them do it for you.  Might as well go to the dealer and have them do it so you can also register the vehicle within the company's owner database.

1 hour labour --- yeah, right.  5 minutes - tops.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Tim,

what year and model of LandRover do you have?  DaytimeRunningLight should exist on Series I Disco's and RangeRovers, especially those sold in Canada ... Transport Canada is kind of touchy about that.

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