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my landrover 00 diesel is making a clicking noise when coming out of 5th gear any idea what this could be thank you. mick

Hi Mick,

sounds like it could be the reverse inhibitor which prevents you from shifting into reverse during your downshifting from 5th gear. Could be a normal sound for your Disco II, however, I've never had the problem with my Disco I (5speed manual).  It could be just wear and a normal condition.  If you are unsure about this, have it checked out by a LR mechanic.

Have you always had this noise?  How many km's on the 'clock'.  Do you do regular maintenance, including all fluids?

Best of luck,

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Owner of a Discovery. I've had many mishaps with our Disco but I still like this vehicle. Talk to a fellow LR owner instead of a dealership rep. I'm not in this for the money. I'm just an owner who wants to help others.

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