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My query is related to my experience driving a friend's Honda CRV of a few years of age. The foot brakes are so sensitive that I appeared like a bad driver. It took me quite a while to get used to the brakes and I have to be specially conscious when braking to avoid sudden and jerking effects each time the pedal is depressed. My question is whether this is normal in Honda CRV or whether this is caused by excessive servo pressure. If so, would a restrictor fitted in the servo vacuum hose to reduce the pressure help to overcome the situation. Many thanks.

The amount of braking that results from a given pressure on the brake pedal is a function of many things, and varies quite a lot from one car line to another.  Without seeing the cars in question I cannot say whether either or both vehicles are normal or broken.  As for your last question - a vacuum restrictor would not change the pedal pressure needed to stop the car.  Rather, it would give full effectiveness on the first stop and diminished effectiveness on subsequent rapid pedal applications (a dangerous thing)  

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