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QUESTION: I just had a hose changed on my truck that connects to the thermostat,radiator,& waterpump,now my truck is running hot what causes this?

ANSWER: If the truck overheats since the hose was changed its possible the system was not bled and its air bound

It's also possible that there is an internal failure in the motor, which could have happened when the original hose blew.   If you drove the truck any distance with that hose blown the motor may well be toast

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QUESTION: How can i get the air out of the system?i had the hose changed because it had a hole in it and it was losing coolant can u tell me how i can tell if the motor is toast?also do i need to change my thermostat?

At Robison Service we use a vacuum fill system, where we connect a hose to where the radiator cap goes, on the expansion tank.  The filler sucks the air out of the system so you have a vacuum.  We then let it sit 5 minutes and make sure the vacuum holds.  If it leaks down we know there is a leak.   Assuming it holds, we open the fill valve and coolant is drawn from a reservoir into the vehicle's system.

Use of vacuum fill has eliminated air problems for us.  If you google vacuum fill devices they are not too costly (under $100) and they are a standard tool for most well equipped shops

Here is an article I wrote on diagnosis of overheating a few years back.  It should address your second question:

Finally,as to the thermostat . . . should you change it?  Thermostat failure is not very common on these trucks but its a possible source of overheating.  If your Rover is a 2003-4 Disco the problem could be in the electric cooling fans, and not the motor at all.  If it's a 2003-4, however, there is a decent chance you have an internal failure in the engine, and that failure may be a t the root of the original hose leak and the present overheat.

Here is a link that talks about that

A lot to read but there is a good chance the answer is in there

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