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QUESTION: What is the switch under dash on drivers side?

Car wont start. Codes stated had to do with alarm system and battery. How long does it take for alarm to reset itself. It has been 24 hours. Battery was charged. Still will not start.

ANSWER: The alarm will never reset itself.  If you have a security lockout or a misalignment between the engine ECU and the security module you will have to clear or reset that via the Land Rover test system.  That means you need a dealer or an independent with proper tools.  A generic scan tool will not do this job, so make side the shop you choose knows how to do this before you spend money on a tow

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QUESTION: My 20 yr old son brought this vehicle. However, the gas hand does not work on car as well. Thought maybe it ran out of gas in the drive.  Would that have caused the alarm situation (codes). However, i put gas in it and it still did not start. as mention earlier the alarm codes listed when we had it scan by a friend in the drive. So as as you stated we should have towed to a place that has the tools to clear and resit the system. Would a bad crank sensor cause it to not start as well. When scanned would the sensor have displayed a code machine as well.

Running out of gas will not set fault codes, certainly not alarm codes.  If you have alarm codes, you have an alarm problem.  

A bad crank sensor will prevent starting but it will not set any codes.  The only way to rule it out in the field is to swap it.  But if you've got alarm codes I think there is more to your truck's story than that

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