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Land Rover Repair/No start, Blinking M & S light


Hello.  I recently bought an 03 LRD2.  However it had a bad water leak from the sun roof and water accumulated in both foot wells.  I also recently had the windshield replaced.  I am still repairing the leaks but recently the car experienced blinking M & S lights with no start.  The battery is good and I swapped the Trans ecu which is also good. All fuses are good and I jumped the car at the starter and the car started however the car won't start at the key ignition switch.  While the car was running I was able to shift into all gears.  

While repairing the leaks I had to remove the carpet due to mold.  I removed the seats and center counsel to do this and had to disconnect several connections.  I replaced the seats and center counsel and reconnected all connections but after all was done is when the blinking lights and no start condition occurred.  I'm stumped and was wondering if you could pinpoint something I missed or suggest a place to start back probing.  Thanks again.

Hi Michael,
the flashing M&S lights indicate your tranny is in "limp home" mode.  The vehicle is having trouble with transmission electrics and thus uses a factory setting just enough to run the vehicle for 'brief' period.  In your case, you've stated the battery is "good" - in most cases, the battery may not be good enough.  You did a load test?  

Do you have any OBDII codes Pxxxx?  

From :

"You can actually just jump a wire in the fuse box. No need to crawl under the truck. It is the brown/red wire (in the middle, pin 2) in connector C0571. Look up the connector in the Electrical Library in the Rave manual.
Just jump it to the positive terminal of the battery (with a fuse in the jumper)"

Then there is the interlock on the shifter.  The brake switch can prevent starting. How about the tranny neutral safety switch or (most likely) water and the XYZ switch.

Here's a couple of threads to read:

I hope this helps you out.

Best of luck,

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