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Long time Land Rover owner/mechanic, first time with a P38 Range Rover. One issue I am experiencing is the engine bogs down a bit in slow, sharp turns, like making a 90 degree turn in to the driveway or a parking spot. CV boots are not busted, pump doesn't whine, belt is good and fluid is topped up, no leaks. I have no clicking at the CV joints, but wonder if they could benefit from some added grease. Considered cutting clamps off big end of the boots, injecting grease, then installing new clamps. Just wondering if you have seen this, if I have correctly identified the culprit, and any suggestions you have.



if there is no cracked boot or leak, don't go there.  It probably is a worn CV and on its way out.  Best to remove the shaft and inspect it.  If you do open up the boot, use CV joint grease only.  There are kits available.   

try for more details on CV joint trouble.

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