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My air suspension failed and I replaced it with the spring conversion kit from Atlantic British.  However, now several accessories are not working including wipers, fog lights, stereo, lighter, temperature/directional guage and gas door opener.  I have heard this is a common problem after the air suspension fails.  Could you please lead me in the right direction to fix this problem.  Has a relay blown?  A switch needs to be reset?  A computer code needs to be redone?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

The only connection between the air suspension and those problems is that the accessories that are no longer working are also powered from the BECM, under the passenger seat.  If the failure is truly related - and not coincidental - you should be looking for workmanship errors in that location.

That is the only place that wiring work is done in the process of suspension conversion, other than unplugging the compressor under the hood.

You say "heard this is a common problem after the air suspension fails."  We have converted 100+ Rovers and never had this problem, and we have fixed hundreds more, where there was no such association.  So it's not a routine thing by any means but if you were sloppy when doing the wiring mods . . .

That is about the only connection there is.

Finally - as certain as you are that these things failed directly with the conversion - you may still find this is an unrelated failure, and maybe more than one issue.  Sometimes people notice system A is no longer working and that makes them look at all the systems and they discover G,M, and X don't work either.  They assume they are a "sudden package failure" when in fact G, M , and X failed one at a time over the past fe months and a great deal of time was wasted looking for a common thread when there was none

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