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Land Rover Repair/1999 land rover discovery ii


Car overheats but had the head gaskets replaced. Still overheats. Wats the problem

Hi Tim,

could be repair was not done correctly or thoroughly.  Take it back and voice your complaint. Also, who decided it was a headgasket fault?  Was the cooling system tested?  If you trust the work done to your headgasket, you should look to your radiator or thermostat.  

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Land Rover Discovery. I've had most of the common mechanical failures, altenator, water leaks, wiper failure, door/hinge problems, roof rust, floor rust, loads of electrical problems. Remember, I'm not a dealer or a mechanic, just an owner like most of you.


Owner of a Discovery. I've had many mishaps with our Disco but I still like this vehicle. Talk to a fellow LR owner instead of a dealership rep. I'm not in this for the money. I'm just an owner who wants to help others.

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