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Land Rover Repair/2001 Disco II - Starting problems


QUESTION: My 2001 Disco II was in the shop for repairs...mechanic took it for a test drive and parked it.  I went out to start it 5 minutes later...would not start.  Turned over but wouldn't fire or start.  Realized they had run it out of fuel.  Mechanic added a couple of gallons of fuel and it still won't start.  Turns over very strong but is not firing...any thoughts?

ANSWER: Hi Richard,

I sorry to hear this.  It's a mercurial problem ... could be fuel tank crud in the fuel line, how empty was it?  

You didn't mention what work was performed so I have no idea if the 'repairs' may also be the cause.  Test drive after what repairs?  Doesn't mean the repairs solved the problem, does it?  Meanwhile what 'fuel' did he add?

Tough problem to crack.  What kind of spark are you having?

Best of luck,

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QUESTION: Hi John - thanks for this, they haven't checked the fuel line.  Will get them to do that.  If fuel isn't getting through, would that prevent it from trying to spark?  

To answer your questions...the repairs weren't related to fuel issues directly.  They replaced plugs and tuned up.  We're not getting any kind of spark.  The engine is turning over very well...but it is not trying to spark at all.  

They used a couple of quarts of fuel that they had in a 5 gal. fuel container in the shop.  I will get a 5 gal. container of premium fuel and put it in the tank.
Thanks again...Richard

Richard, you know it only takes hioctane Super fuel.  90 octane or higher.  Must add though, if reg.fuel added it would be a rough burn but it would burn.

Seems spark related.  Starter/solenoid sounds good.  Has to be fuel line.  Maybe air has to be bled off...should be a shradder valve on fuel line you use to bleed out air.  Turn key to position II, depress shradder valve and any air will escape.  If nothing comes out...fuel pump.  

Next check fuel pump fuse then fuel pump relay.  Relays are known to fail.  

Hope this helps...  (sorry about Jets not making playoffs)


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