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Land Rover Repair/Disco 2 missfires, engine dies, lurches forwards at traffic lights, wont always restart straihght away


Hi all,

I have a 2004 Discovery 2,

recently been having a lot of trouble.

Major problem is there is no dealer near where I live (2 1/2 hrs away), so the local mechanics admit they don't know how to fault find on the Land Rover.

Found a mechanic half hour away who has a land rover scan tool and works on a few of them.

Anyway my issues -

The engine management light came on without me being aware of any issues... local mechanic plugged in and said there are miss fires on various cylinders. But doesn't know what the issue is has his reader wont go any deeper. Advised me to take to dealer

Since then I have noticed -

when driving the truck feels like it misfires or engine dies for a split second...but carries on.
The other day after a 15 min drive I parked up and the engine wouldn't did after 5 attempt and about 10 mins.

Today whilst taking it to the other mechanic the truck died whilst stopped at some road works, but fired up immediately.

Anyway got to the mechanics and he plugged her in and also scanned on a test drive..... all was perfect ...bloody obviously.

He said there are some fault codes on it ... basically all but a few cylinders are showing a misfire but also had fuel tank empty code on there.

He said without the issue happening whilst he has it, it will be hard to solve.

He also said if it happens again to go back and he will fit a tester for me to drive around with and it will log the faults has they happen.

In the mean time I had looked at this forum and others and found that the Crank case sensor seems to create some of the faults im having, mechanic said the sensor didn't produce a code so doubts it will be this.

He did say it might be worth swapping the MAF sensor has these can cause these issues.... again no direct fault code but ?

Do you guys have any ideas.... just feel I cant trust the truck at the moment and its driving me nuts

( within the last year - all spark plugs replaced and leads, 1 x coil pack replaced. Something on the brakes ABS system that required sending away for seals? Caused the holy trinity fault ( engine management light/ hill descent and traction control light) other than that all recommended services are carried out)



The first thing I would look at with misfire codes would be plugs, wires, and coil packs.  You say most of that is new.  Then the MAF would be a possibility. After that it gets tricky to see what causes misfire codes.

Often, when I read stories like yours, the people asking the question tell me that they've done all these different things, and if those things were done right, they have ruled out most of the options.  But often the work is not done right.  I can't tell you if that is the case on your truck - I've never seen it.  What I can say is that if the truck were here at Robison Service we would start from the beginning, and look first at the ignition and draw our own conclusions about condition.  Then we would go on to the next step.  

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