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Land Rover Repair/Landrover Disco V8i 3.9L starting problems


Hi there,

I've got a 1999/2000 Landie Disco V8i 3.9L with petrol engine. For the past few months I've had occassional problems starting the vehicle with a hot or cold engine. The key swings but their is no spark or "take".
The second problem (I don't think they are related) is a weird rattling sound under the bonnet...very close to the dash.
Lastly, the third problem is a loud squeak made under the car (almost along the mid-section) every time I go over speedhumps or through a pothole.

Any advice, please...

Hi Deidre,

Problem 1:  could be starter solenoid or BeCM (Body electrical Control Module) security error (see link below).

Problem 2: rattle sound could be the heater matrix, wiper assembly, something loose within engine compartment?  Do you have trouble with heating interior or engine coolant? Heater matrix is known to fail and cause rattles, even leakage into the footwell.  Noise is usual symptom.

Problem 3: noise under car (mid-section) could be loose exhaust (no rubber mount or broken), drive shaft problem.
Sounds more like exhaust is bouncing and you may only need to inspect and replace the rubber mounts that hold it in place.

Best of luck,

Here's the link for BeCM information:


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