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Hi mr Robinson I think you remember me was to cold to work in my garage till the past three weeks I replace the breather and same problem so I ask you about a good book to replace the head gaskets and I sign up a view the whole process thanks for that so I was ready to open the engine but looking a lot of blogs I found a guy from Africa whit the same problem he rebuild the engine and when he finish it he took the rover around the block so star smoking again and he replace the breather remove the intake manifold an clean all the oil so I did the same and push the rover to the street and start it lots of bluish smoke came from the tail pipes and I keep going till the smoke was gone so pure luck before I replace the head gasket now mi question is  a couple of days was warm an start the rover and leave it for a while to see if smokes again the only thing I notice was some water in the pipes but I think this is normal could be condensation because I notice the same in my other SUV so I though problem solve but start cold days again and I take the rover out the garage and drive around the block and smokes but no as much is a little bit is like bluish and smell like burning rubber so I tried this everyday for a few days and in the morning I let the rover runnig for 10 minutes no smoke only water dripping for the tail pipes same as the other cars  but in the Afternoon I start it drive around the block and when I return to the driveway smokes like bluish smell like rubber and is confusing I don't want to do a longer drive because I don't want to damage the engine so I need your expertise in this matter thanks to your input and time I save lots of money thanks again hope to fix it whit your help. Hope to hear from you soon.

Macedonio, I think I originally suggested you look at the breather.  I wonder if you overlooked something in that system.  Can you find a local expert in these BMW 740 engines, or a Land Rover guy with experience on them?  Its going to be hard for me to give additional advice without seeing the truck and what you have done.  It sounds like you did a lot, but without seeing what was done and how the truck is not it's hard to offer more

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