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Land Rover Repair/1995 Discovery 1 V8i no start


1.  Very intermittent, recurring problem of starting and no starting, perfect running, sudden death, dead for a few days, perfect starting, no starting, sudden death, etc.  All hardware components under the hood have been replaced.  She now has been dead (crank but no spark) for two weeks.

2.  Does the 1995 Discovery I have a "spider" unit behind the center facia or not?

3.  If not, how do I bypass the immobiliser, as I believe that is where the problem is.

4.  I get sporadic (no fixed pattern) alarm sounding now and then when I unlock the driver's door with the key, and then for weeks this will not happen.

4.  I have no remote control for the doors/ alarm system.  If the problem is within the alarm ECU, do I need a remote control to reset whatever needs resetting?

Many, many thanks, much appreciated.

Hi Andries,

I had a similar problem with my '95 Disco.  Replaced MAF, alternator, battery, had ECU checked and 'reprogrammed' (almost replaced) until the dealer finally replaced the TPS (throttle position sensor).  After the TPS was replaced I never had a stalling problem until several years later - the starter seized.  

Here's some links:

Spider?  Also possible and yes, a bypass is available.  Here's a good link:

Here's my favourite, includes tests to take BEFORE investing in this fix:

Does not sound like alarm ECU.  Check your Inertia switch triggered (Red button under hood)?

When you turn the ignition to position II (just before engine start) do you hear your fuel pump kick on?  

There are many owners who gave up on using key fobs as they are so unreliable.  You are not alone.

Try the above links and read up on the fixes available.  I hope some of these sites are helpful to you.  You can always ask more questions too.

Best of luck,

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