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QUESTION: Manual mode and sport mode light came on and are blinking, how serious is this and whats the fix?  Where do u check transmission fluid and filler location?

ANSWER: Hi Charles,  

M & S light flashing:  could be battery going bad, ground faults, inhibitor switch failure, tranny fluid low, internal tranny problem.  Could get to the point where you have trouble starting your vehicle (depends on the fault).

As for your 2nd question, model and year of your vehicle would have been helpful.

Try this for Disco II :

Best of luck,

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QUESTION: 2001 discovery 11 v8 m and s light flashing

Thanks Charles,

yes the link I gave you applies to your '01 Disco.  Chances are you have an inhibitor switch fault but the best judge would come from an experienced LR mechanic.

Best of luck,

Also, here is a link to download the repair manual for your Disco:

It's a pdf formatted document so you'll need Adobe reader.

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