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Help!! Just bought my daughter a beautiful 2004 Discovery 2. Problem is that it only came with one key and the remorse entry doesn't work. The key has a working battery (she changed it) but work lock or unlock the doors. Is there a way w can program it to work? And any suggestions on the best way to get a back up key and (possibly ) another remote. Preferably without her having to get a 2nd job to pay for it.  Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance ~ Shannin

Hello Shannon,

check to see if it's just a fuse problem.  Pull out 'central door locking' fuse #1 (25A, white), inspect then reinsert or replace.  Some owners have had luck just pulling this fuse, waiting a minute then reinstalling it.

As for reprogramming, dealer or independent LR shop to reprogram new keys.  (ST)ealer will overcharge but indie shop may be more reasonable.  Best to find an indie shop'll save 1000's $ in the long run.  Maintenance cost on LR (any year) is extremely high.  Unless you can do the work yourself, you had better prepare yourself for high repair bills.  Internet is ideal place to start your search for an indie LR mechanic in your area.

Here's a few websites for replacement parts:

Replacing A Land Rover Discovery Series 2 Key Fob


blank egg fob 12$:

yet another website that sells blanks:

Here is a UK ebay keyfob replacement kit that is very interesting (key flip fob):

Best of luck,

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