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I have a 2000 Land Rover Discrovery2 I love these trucks. I wanted to see what these light mean when they are on "TC" ," ABS", a picture of a Land Rover on a down hill with a exclamation point behind it. Is these items cost a lot to repair. Thank you.

Hi Terry,

so sorry for the delay in my response...

Those warning lights can be a nightmare to some owners.  Traction control and ABS braking lights usually indicate trouble with the ABS modulator and can be translated into "Beaucoup repair bills ahead".  (sorry, my sense of humour sucks).

What you need to do is download your own version of the RAVE workshop documents and start reading up on how to troubleshoot the ABS systems. To answer your question directly, yes it can be very costly to repair but you can save yourself money by researching and performing much of the repairs yourself.

Here is the location to get your own version of the RAVE repair documents:

This is an essential tool you should have in your toolbox!

I hope you only have fuse problems.   If you are seeing the "3 amigos" it's usually the modulator.

All the best for 2016,


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