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Land Rover Repair/wire shorting out, battery goes dead


I have a 2001 Discovery Land Rover. The battery goes dead if I don't disconnect it. I took it to the Mechanic and he traced it to fuse FL 13. He can't figure out what wire it is connected to. Can you help me out.

Hi Bruce,

FL 13 is a Fusible Link (FLn) with FL13 being the lighting switch.  It is advised that replacing a fusible link should be performed by the dealer or a LR mechanic.  A FL "is a  special type of wire that protects a circuit that has constant high current requirements and must resist high surges in the circuit".  Extreme caution advised.  My guess is somewhere within the lighting system you have a problem.  Check your bulbs and the socket holders starting at the rear of the Disco.  Could be a bulb, a wire, a switch...

Best of luck,

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