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I have a 03 Land rover discovery and I just replaced my transfer Case on it. But I still have a red flashing gear looking light on my dash board. Can u please help me with this? Can it be reset?

Red gear icon
Red gear icon  

M S warning lights
M S warning lights  
Hi Marquita,

there are several 'gear-like' warning lights found on your dashboard (instrument panel), namely, the transmission oil temperature light (gear with a thermometer in the center); then there are the manual mode (M) and sport mode (S) transmission options, if selected.  

A red gear light is most likely the transmission oil temperature light.  Something has triggered this sensor and is causing the tranny oil to overheat.  Since you mention you had the Transfer case (TC)replaced so start there.  No gear oil there and it would seriously affect the transmission and safety of the vehicle.  Reset is only possible by fixing the fault.  Did you do the repair or was it done at a garage?  Check the TC to make sure it has gear oil.  It may also be possible that the gear oil sensor is at fault (rare).  It may also be the transmission and not your TC.  A qualified LR mechanic can test and reveal this quickly.  You don't want to drive your Disco with this condition as you are overheating very expensive components.

I hope this helps you.
Best of luck,

There is another gear-like warning light but I did not include this since it has 2 gears with an X thru them.  This is the red warning light indicating that the transfer gearbox is in neutral.  The vehicle would not be driveable if this light was on.  See your owners manual.

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