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My 06 range rover hse has a dashboard that is lit like a christmas tree and multiple error messages including hdc unavailable, transmission failure, check tail light, check tire pressure sensors. The ABS is amber, the check engine light is on, , the dsc warning light is illuminated, HDC warning light is lite, activate parking brake and the list goes on. We have taken the truck to LR and a few indy shops to no avail. We had the steering angle sensor changed as was suggested but no change. The transmission shop we took it to says the computer is throwing multiple codes that he believes are in error and all other shops are only going by diagnostics machines which are throwing many codes. LR says rellace the tranny and the motor which the Tranny guy disagreed with. The car is driveable but at minimum speeds. The center locking in the car is not working and the key is not unlocking the doors. Can you help?

Hi Toya,

not surprised that the dealer would try something like that.  Hard to believe that the tranny would throw so many errors out.  

It does sound like you may have a BECM problem - this controls most of the electronics in your Range Rover.  Could also be something between the BECM and engine fusebox - the weak link. IF water has caused corrosion within the fusebox, harness, etc, it could cause all sorts of havoc for the BECM.

Here is a website that can explain this in detail and has a few test steps you can consider:

There are many online companies that can service your BECM or engine fusebox but someone has to remove and ship the parts.  IF this is your only vehicle, consider searching for a LR mechanic who has BECM diagnostic experience.

That's where I'd start...
Best of luck,

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