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I have 03 disco 2 that keeps leaving me stranded, driving along motor dies, and it's dead for 20 minutes then it will start after about 20 minutes twice now, and last time it happened engine would crank, but would not start for about 20 minutes, any information would be appreciated

Hi Tony,

did the Disco trigger engine codes?  Your local Advance Auto can read the code(s), if any exist, and it can lead to the cause.

Sounds like the Crank Position Sensor but without diagnostic data it is only a rough guess.
CPS have been known to fail like you describe.

Could also be the fuel pump failing.  

Best of luck,

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Owner of a Discovery. I've had many mishaps with our Disco but I still like this vehicle. Talk to a fellow LR owner instead of a dealership rep. I'm not in this for the money. I'm just an owner who wants to help others.

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