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Good Morning, I am having another big problem with the Range Rover.
It was the first time towing with the vehicle this weekend and a number of faults occurred.

•       “Limited engine performance” showed on the display screen
•       Engine management light came on with fault code P2601
•       The car would not engage any gear over 3000 RPM, It would slowly rev up until that but nothing over. This meant very slow acceleration and 4o km/h uphill.

I came across this which seems to fit but my car doesn’t seem to be included in:

Inclusive vehicles
Range Rover Sport (LS) Supercharged 6A901924 to 7A109767
My VIN is SALSH23478A158765

Please could you let me know your thought on this because this is now happening when I am not towing so is causing some real issues.

Or is there something else it could be
Much Appreciated

Hi Tom,

yes, it could very well be a coolant pump fault.  It sure does look
like your Rangie is doing everything it can to protect that engine from overheating.  
You most definitely don't want that to happen.

The fact that the code remains AFTER you have detached your towing load indicates the problem still exists.  What else could cause it?  Temp sensor failure or radiator trouble.

I did a quick search and found a replacement water pump online for about 200$ Cdn.

I'm sure you could find a better price.

The TSB you have is well detailed and you could easily do the repair to save even more.  That OBDII code is good for your Rangie and I would think the TSB is just as apropos.

Best of luck with this,


NB.  my folks are from Cape Breton!  Small world.

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