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Land Rover Repair/Why Gas pedal does not work in my 2001 Land Rover Discovery II ?


Hello , I have 2001 Land Rover discovery II( LE7 )  V8 , and tonight during driving to home , the gas pedal stock down and does not come up .
Engine still work and can change the gear but there is not any action in gas pedal.I put the gear in D mode again and guide my car in parking lot with Max  speed of 5 MPH and park my car in there.
I will appreciate in advance if give me some hints about the reason(s) of  problem.
Best regards,

Hi Kamyar,

that sounds like the throttle cable may have broken or come loose. There's an inner cable from the pedal to the bulkhead, then an outer cable to the throttle lever.  Check the Rave manual starting at page 18-2-78 (PDF pg.345).  

If you don't have a RAVE manual here is where you can find one:

It could be a throttle lever problem but at least start with the pedal and cable first.  

Best of luck,

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