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Land Rover Repair/01 discovery 2 se gas 4.0


Just ran out of gas 2days ago,i put 2.5 gals of gas back in the truck and tried to start it up and it would not even fire once .I never had this problem before.This was the first time it ran out of gas.I was told of a reset switch for the fuel pump,But cant seem to find its location.Can you help me. THANKS

Hi Mike,

I believe you have to press the inertia switch to reset fuel system.  Check your owner manual.

First, check the fuel pump fuse.  If ok then press the the inertia switch, found in the engine compartment on the firewall (passenger side).

Here's a photo:

LR fuel pumps have been known to fail after running out of fuel.  Obviously, you don't want to let it get to that.  

Here's a link to see the service repair manual:

Best of luck,

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