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QUESTION: I recently got a Land Rover LR3 2009 model. The car drives fine until I embark on a journey of more than an hour with intermittent stops as a result of traffic congestion. A display then pops up on the board saying ' transmission fault, limited gear available' and then brings out an 'F' sign which in turn doesn't allow the gear to change any more. This happens when Ive had a long drive faced with intermittent traffic. I do not experience this if I'm on a free way. What could possibly be the problem.

ANSWER: Your next step is to scan the transmission for faults and see where that leads you.  You may need to seek out a shop with the specialist Land Rover test gear for that job

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QUESTION: I have done that already. I had my car scanned for faults and nothing was found. The specialist advised that it could be an electrical problem but couldn't point out exactly what may cause it. What could be the possible problems that may result to such error message?

ANSWER: There are always faults when that light comes on.  But you need the special Land Rover test system to see them   A generic scanner will show "no faults" because it only scans the engine.  

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QUESTION: I tried changing the transmission oil to the recommended one by Land Rover and the problem became worse. Now I drive for just 5mins and get the fault. I drove to my technician with the fault and he had it scanned. Two faults were read: 1. Incorrect gear ratio 2. Incorrect gear 5 ratio. What could this possibly mean?  Pls assist.

The incorrect gear ratio faults often indicate slippage in the gearbox, which is an internal failure.  It's sounding more like you need a transmission overhaul, but I urge you to have whomever does this work be a shop with the proper scan tools and diagnostic knowledge.  You could have valve body problems, clutch problems, or both, and you need a skilled person to sort what they find.  This is not a simple generalist garage job

In the USA a transmission overhaul might cost $5,000 US dollars

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