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my 2002 landrover has no reverse what should i do

Why would a land rover have forward gears but no reverse.

Hi John,

How long has this been a problem?  Are there any dashboard indicators that you are having a transmission problem?  What model of LandRover are we talking about?

A rough guess is that it could be the xyz switch (aka neutral safety switch) on your LandRover.  It's found on the left side of the transmission, here two links of how it looks on both sides:

search ebay for inexpensive replacement part or go to Rockauto 500+

How it works:  as you move your shifter, a contact is made and data is sent to the transmission control unit (TCU).  If the XYZ switch gets wet (deep water wading, seal leak), grime can collect and interfere with the contact/signal to the TCU.  You could disassemble the switch, give it a good cleaning then reseat/seal it.

If that's not the cause, it could be the TCU or (gasp) the transmission has problems.


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