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Land Rover Repair/brakes giving me alot of feed bake when braking


QUESTION: hey i have 99 disco v8i model when im braking usually when engines cold it feels like theres air or something when i brake and kicks my feet off the pedal. im not to sure on finding out whats causing this. i have googled but i havent found any other infomation is this a vacumn leak im not getting any idling issues or is it air in the brake lines?

ANSWER: Hi Ethan, does it feel like the ABS system is locking up your brakes?  Like a pulsation or is the pedal too soft and at times 'giving way'?  Do you have any indicator lights on, like the ABS or brake warning light?

When was the last time you had your brakes serviced?  Any work done around your brakes lately?

Have you tried the website?  

You say this happens when your 'engines cold', what is it like when your engine is at normal operating temperature?

Please advise,


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QUESTION: no havent had any work on my brakes recently. the light just stays on does go off like usual. it like almost stops my brakes from working alltogether almost like air in the lines or something can i use crc instead of carb cleaner to check for vacumn leaks but dont think it is a vacumn leak due to good idle

Hi Ethan,  which light 'just stays on'?  ABS or Brake?

From your description, it sort of sounds like an ABS related problem.  The ABS systems on LR's have had problems and my advice is to have your LR examined by a LR mechanic.  There are no quick fixes for a failing ABS modulator, only replacement.  


Use the internet to locate an independent LR shop that may be able to save you money.

Brakes are a serious matter and my suggestion is to have an experienced mechanic diagnose and repair them if you do not have the experience or skill.

Best of luck,

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