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Land Rover Repair/engine trouble


When I start to crank the vehicle the motor turns and turns but then final hits and then dies the I have turn it over again and the same thing occurs but eventually it cranks and runs good... What is my problem?

2001 Land Rover Discovery 2 SD
Enginevsize : 241 cubic inch / 4.0 liter
Gasoline engine

Hi Bobby,  When's the last time you had your LR tuned?  Air filter good?  Fuel filter ok?

It could be fuel/air problem. Clearly, the starter is working, as is the ignition switch.

My first thought was the MAF sensor:  "The MAF sensor is an electronic sensor that sends a signal to the engine computer, which then uses the measurements to help calculate fuel delivery and spark timing".  One of the signs that the MAF is failing is hard starting.  Eventually, engine stalls will occur.   You could clean MAF by removing it and using a quality MAF cleaner.  Remember, this is a very sensitive part, so caution is always required when manipulating it.

The worst case - a failing fuel pump and not enough fuel present to ignite.

SO...tune your vehicle (new spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter), clean the MAF, perhaps run some injector cleaner too, then see if starting improves.  

A qualified LR mechanic could attach a diagnostic device to determine where the difficulty is, check the internet in your area for independent LR mechanics.

Best of luck,

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