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I am considering buying a used Land Rover SE7 for $3,400. It has 130k miles on it.  This truck would be used as a work vehicle as I drive 10 miles to work each day.  This vehicle' vin, however, is on the dreaded "oil pump failure" list that I researched.  There is a slight thumping noise when the engine is warmed up. In your expertise, is this truck worth the gamble or is engine failure imminent?  I figured most engines within the vin range would have failed before 130k miles. Please advise and I look forward to hearing back from you.



Hi Ryan.

You are taking a very expensive risk buying that vehicle.  You already can hear engine sounds that will require some diagnosis and repair.  Worse case, if a cylinder liner has dropped, the only repair is a replacement engine.  Otherwise, it may be a head gasket problem (all are prone to this).  

The mileage is low. Can you have a mechanic (of your choosing) inspect the vehicle to verify that it has not been altered?  Make sure to test all the electronics, including windows, doors, seats, keyfob...  all are prone to failure.  Tailgate failure is common, so make sure it opens and closes smoothly.  

If you are willing to risk the purchase, find yourself a trustworthy mechanic, preferably one who had worked on LR's and may have the diagnostic devices needed to maintain your SE7.  If you don't know one, google search for one in your area.  Talk to them and see if they can inspect the vehicle for you.  The $100-200 you would spend could save you more if the vehicle turns out to be a lemon.  If it's good, you have established a relationship with a independent LR service shop.  Win-Win.  

Parts can be very, very expensive unless you don't mind salvaged parts.  Get yourself a copy of the RAVE CD and prepare to do some DIY work to keep the vehicle on the road.  

Before I forget, check the footwells for dampness, odours or water stains.  Water leaks inside the passenger side and under the carpet is very common.

Check out the various LR forums available, my fav is

Hope this will help you,

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