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Land Rover Repair/91 Range Rover dash light - rad or battery?


Josh wrote at 2006-10-16 04:58:44
Hi Jackson,

You're actually on the right track. I have a 91 Rangie and my wife had the same problem with it only last month.

Step 1. Remove the two wires connected to the lid of the coolant reservoir and create a circuit across the two wires (touching the metal ends together will do). Don't worry you won't damage anything doing this, or yourself.

Step 2. With the circuit complete check to see if the light on the dash stops flashing. If it does stop, then you need to replace the coolant reservoir lid, which contains a sender similar to your fuel guage sender but much cheaper. Or if you're like me, leave the circuit complete permanently and check it "the old-fashioned way" from time to time.

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Andrew wrote at 2012-12-31 15:58:44
The light at the bottom right is indeed the coolant level indicator, RRC ( range rover classic ) have common issues with the level indicator float becoming gunked up and also the level plug on the it corrodes.. If it becomes persistent then look for water leaks in the usual places rad hoses etc the RRC does like to split the expansion bottle just above the seam at the back too

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