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Land Rover Repair/ABS, TC, Hill Descent Warning Lights


london & Surrey Cars wrote at 2007-06-18 11:14:07
Its an abs or speed sensor, about 30 found on each wheel, thats why all your lights have come on because the speed sensor controls all these programs. it needs to be scanned for find which wheel needs the snesor, then the sensor needs to be replaced. its not a major problem, I am the service manager of a garage in London...

Thomas wrote at 2011-04-03 15:25:27
Dan and JohnMc...i don't kno how to thank you, im looking at all these sites for an answer to my question and i come across dans question with johns answer....i have the same problem with my disco 2 and i know exactly what to do now....keep in mind i live in costa rica were people "know everything" so real answers are hard to find.

thank you again for your help

Ken wrote at 2014-01-25 17:24:05
The first error that you started getting was the ABS alone.  This is your first clue.  It's probably the modulator valve mounted on the bottom of the ABS module.  The seals above start leaking and rund down inside the switched and cause them to fail.  You can replace this WABCO part for about 75 bucks.  I would recommend putting some black RTV around the rubber boot where it seals on the shaft to prevent further problems.  Hope this helps.  I get my parts from Atlantic British and they know Land Rovers

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