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Land Rover Repair/Discovery Starting Problems


AwrightJock wrote at 2012-11-23 03:22:12
MAF sensor has very little to go wrong with it, barring the thermocouple burning out.

You can easily check its integrity using a bog-standard DVM.

9 times out of 10, it's due to it being clarted up in dirt and therefore effectively insulated.

The metering operates on the basis of temperature difference, so if it's being insulated, it becomes highly inaccurate as a measuring device.

Before you go throwing money at replacing it, try removing it from the intake and having spent just a couple of pounds/dollars on a can of brake cleaner from your local auto store, and having wiped off as much of the accessible dirt and grime etc, then give the thermocouple a good spray down with the brake cleaner.

Dont go prodding at it though as it is a pretty fragile device.

Just remember when you're through spraying it , to give it a gently shake off and leave any residual cleaner to air dry before refitting it to the vehicle.

Make sure the electrical connections are clean too before you attach the multipin plug.

Assuming it isn't actually broken/burnt out, you should see a dramatic improvement in its output.

You wont actually see it unless you're plugged though (know anyone with a 'book...?)

This works a treat, and if it saves you a packet on a replacement for the sake of 15 mins work and a couple of bucks, then hey ! you just scored...

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