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I have about 25 feet of walkway to my front entrance. On the border, I planted a mini rose followed by an agapanthus, using this pattern through out the whole 25 feet. So there is 6 Agapanthus and 6 mini roses in the same irrigation zone. I later found out that the watering schedule for these plants are different, the mini roses need more watering.

Can you please suggest some replacement plants with flower that can compliment the agapanthus and have similar water needs? I live in S. California in zone 10.

PS I have thought of Kalanchoes but heard they won't flower well under my street light. They need 10hrs of complete darkness to rebloom

Thank you,


Hey, Will.

While I personally probably would not have chosen to plant agapanthus and mini roses together, the agapanthus is a very adaptable plant, and the mini roses normally don't require as much water as standard roses. I say "normally" because I don't know what type of mini roses you planted.

Since you already have these planted, I'd say leave them alone and go with it. The agapanthus should be able to handle the same watering schedule as the mini roses. While water obviously is important, what will probably be more critical for the mini roses is proper fertilization.

Both should have good drainage, though. Otherwise the constantly wet soil will rot the agapanthus bulbs and kill the rose roots.

I definitely would not plant kalanchoes with the mini roses, nor would I put them with the agapanthus. Watering needs of kalanchoes is far different from what the mini roses and agapanthus want.

Hope that helps.


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