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Are you familiar with BLUE EUPHORBIA plants?   We stopped using the irrigation system on it and resorted to hand watering.  Now the plants don't look too good.  Do you know the best way to care for them (established plants)?  Thanks very much.

Hey, Patty.

There are several plants with the common name "blue euphorbia." However, euphorbias are succulents, so they don't need a lot of water. If you know how many minutes the irrigation system was watering them, match that. It will also help if you match the hour of day. The amount of watering and the time of day is what they were used to. If you give them too much water, or if they stay wet for too long (for example, if they were being watered in the early morning when the sun was up and now you water them when the sun is going down, like my grandmother liked to do), they will rebel.

Hope that helps.


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