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I have a question regarding dialog used in novels.

What person are the following direct quotations in?

1. "Ryan, may I enter your room, she asked in a soft whisper?"

2. "Ryan, may I enter your room, his sister asked in a soft whisper?"

3. "Ryan may I enter your room, my sister asked in a soft whisper?"

4. "Ryan, may I enter your room, Ryan's sister asked in a soft whisper?"

5. "Ryan, may I enter your room, I asked in a soft whisper?"

I may have placed the quotation mark in the wrong part of the sentence.  Most novels are in the third person.  The story is being described by the author.

I think all of the above direct quotations are in the third person except number 5 which is in the first person, but I'm not sure. I not sure about number 3 either. "My" is not a third person pronoun. Is number 3 in the first person?

I thank you for your assistance and comments.

Yes, three and five are in first person.  When you say "I am going to tell about me and my stuff directly with my voice" it is first person.  Sentence two could go either way depending on the context.  If I am telling the story then say I was in a room and his sister did something, it is still first person if I am the one telling you that she did it.  
And yes, all your quotations are in the wrong place.  :)

Mrs. D.

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