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Dear Mrs. Duenas,

My name is Carmen and am in 7th grade. I am having trouble diagramming the following sentences, could you please help me?

1. Will they ever climb to the top of that hill?
2. By the end of the day, the scout troop had reached the summit.
3. They were tired and hungry after the long hike up the steep trail.

Thank you very much,

I really dislike sentence diagramming.  I never make my students do this!  I am not all that good at it myself!
However, I can tell you why you are having difficulty with these and give you a push in the right direction.

1.  When working with questions, reform them into statements.  They will (n)ever climb to the top of that hill.  Now we know that the subject is they, and the verb is will climb.  Ever goes under will.  Then to the top of the hill is phrasing.

2.  The second sentence is inverted.  Putting it back to a direct sentence helps identify the parts.  The scout troop had reached the summit by the end of the day.  Scout troop is the subject, had reached the verb, reached what is summit so it's an object.  By the end and of the day are phrases.

3.  The last one is compound so it will have a split.  They is the subject.  Were tired and were hungry are both the verbs so you write were then a < and put tired on the top and hungry on the bottom.  After the long hike and up the steep trail are both phrases but the contain adjectives which go under their nouns.

I hope that helps...and I am sorry your teacher uses this technique but many teachers still do...

Mrs. D.  

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