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I am extremely confused with the concept of Transitive and Intransitive verbs. Please write back or suggest me a site where i can get my doubts cleared.

Thank you so much!

Dear Anushka,
I certainly can answer this question, Anushka.  I hope this will help you.
The word, "trans" means across.  So if we say we will take public transportation to get the the city, it means we are taking public buses, taxis to get across the plains to the city.
Thus in English, the words, transitive and intransitive verbs, means some verbs are going to have a word that the verb relates to following the verb.
Example:  A TRANSitive very will always have a noun or pronoun following it.
We call it a direct object.  
Bill tossed the ball to his brother.
"tossed is a transitive verb because action is going from the subject to an object, ball.
The noun or pronoun following the transitive verb answers the question, what or whom?
Bill tossed what?  ball.  (direct object)
An intransitive verb is one that does NOT (in..) have a direct object.  No action is going from the subject to a direct object.  
Linking verbs are intransitive:  Bill is my teacher at school.  No action going from the subject to the word, teacher, except that it is another name for Bill..thus a predicate noun.
John wrote all afternoon.  Wrote is in(not) transitive...No one is receiving the action of the verb wrote. a noun but it answers the question, when?  (an adverb.)
That same word, wrote could be transitive:
John wrote his essay all afternoon.  Now action is going from John to his essay...and essay answers the question what?  John wrote what?  
I have a website that will explain this more.
It is:
Click on grammar and then go to verbs and transitive and intransitive.

Hope this helps you.  If you are still confused, please write again.

Thanks for using Allexperts.
Mrs. Lenc

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