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I was just wondering what the phrase "Imitative desire makes all reciprocal rapports impossible" means exactly? It is being used as an assertion in a critical analysis on a midsummer night's dream, which I'm reviewing bc I have to write one myself, anyways just wasn't sure what they meant by that statement, thanks.

Dear Anna Claire,
I'm sorry this is so late coming to you.  I answered it twice but each time The answer got deleted, evidently
.The meaning of this phrase is really in the first two words, "imitative desire".
If one desires to be like another byimitating their ways of doing,or saying things, there would not need to need to discuss what one is doing as it would be obvious to both.
Remember that imitation of another's ways, generally show one's  admires the other's actions.
Alway try to use context around the word or phrase when reading as that along may give you the meaning of the phrase.
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