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How do I diagram this sentence?

Jesus often visited the home of Martha and Mary.

Dear Julie,

I will give you my website that has a lot of information in English grammar and diagramming.
First, I will tell you the part of speech that your sentence words are.
Jesus often visited the home of Martha and  Mary.

Jesus is the subject in this sentence.
Visited is the verb
Often is an adverb answering the question, how often Jesus visited.  Therefore it is an adverb, modifying the verb, visited.
home is a noun acting in the position of the direct object of the verb visited.  It answered the question,  what.
To is a prep, introducing the prepositional phrase, to Martha and Mary.  
Martha, Mary are both objects of the preposition, to  Check the diagramming site for compound direct objects...There you will see where to put the preposition and the conjuction, and

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Mrs. Lenc
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