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I am diagramming with my 5th grade son, and we don't understand why stilts are used. Right now we are considering this sentence: Jesus, who rose, is King, and He is glorified. Why is "glorified", as a predicate adjective (participle)  written on a stilt and not below the sentence on a curved line?  We want to understand the purpose of the stilt.

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Dear Jennifer,

First, you need to realize you have a compound sentence. Always diagram the first independent clause first and then down below that one, the second independent clause.
First independent clause is: Jesus, who rose, is king
2nd independent clause is: He is glorified.
"And" is the conjunction joining the two clauses.

See my website:
At that site, you will go under "diagramming" and the click on "compound sentences."

Once you have seen how to diagram the two clauses, then look at the following:

"Who rose" is telling who Jesus is, so you should diagram it below "Jesus" with a downward slant, like the participle "crying" in the sample under "participle" on the website.

Place "who" on the slanted line and put "rose" on the straight line.

Then, diagram the second clause below the first clause. Place the word "and" on a straight line between the two verbs "is."

"Glorified" will be in the position of predicate adjective on a stilt since it's a verbal.

Remember that all verbals (like infinitives and participles) are diagrammed on stilts either below the word it modifies or on stilts above the baseline. Check out the diagrams on my website.

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