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Hello, I just purchased a new Toshiba Satelite C55t-A5222 laptop, it is a touch screen. Here are the specs:
Processor - Intel Celeron CPU 1005M @ 1.90 GHz
RAM - 4.00 GB (3.87GB usable)
System Type - 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
Operating System - Windows 8 W/ touch

Here is my issue, I love the computer except it seems to download VERY slow and sometimes when I am surfing the internet it goes slower than usual from page to page. I use my computer mainly for internet surfing, iTunes (music, movies, TV shows), and document writing. I like to download purchased or rented movies or tv shows from iTunes but on this computer the download time is more than 4 X's what it is on my older laptop. What are your suggestions? I've verified the iTunes program is running correctly and verified my internet is running the same as always. The only thing different is the new laptop, its really only slow when I'm trying to download. Other than that its just fine. If I am just surfing the internet it is fairly fast but as soon as I begin to download a movie or tv show it slows considerably. Ideas?

Hi Rachel;

Your problem doesn't have anything to do with your new laptop hardware. It's either a software problem or your internet connectivity problem.

Many people experience lower speeds with Windows 8.

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