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I am currently in the market for a laptop which is both durable and economical. In other words i'm not willing to pay for a MacBook that costs upward of $1,000. I'm a college student who has basic needs for surfing the web as well as your standard typing of papers on Word as well as needing to use Excel and powerpoint. I would like something that can meet these needs as well as be able to easily stream videos and other online media. I was considering the 15.6 in. Dell 7000 series but while reading reviews learned the speakers were located on the sides of the machine making for not so great quality sound (among other issues). I am not a big gamer but would like to be able to run a game or two here and there and would like to computer to be able to handle that as well. I would like a laptop in the 15 inch range but not too much bigger as i'd like it to be able to fit in my backpack. I appreciate any help i could get. Thanks!

Hi Ben;

According to your needs and your budget, here are some suggestions:

For a good quality, well-known brand, take a look at Sony VAIO E series
For a stylish, aluminum case laptop with good configurations, go for ASUS K551
For a high-performance laptop with reasonable build quality, look for Lenovo Z510 series



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