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Hello....Thank you so much for taking my question. You are very kind.

We plan to buy a laptop for a student that will start college next year, most likely going into the medical field.  Would like your advice on laptop brand, operating system, programs such as Word, Excel, etc., size of screen.  DVD/CD capable? Some of the work will be online.  

Also, what about printing? A college student would need to print documents so we didn't know what to do about a printer.

We want to give this student a good start in life but don't want to pay for items she probably won't use or need.

Thank you again so much.

Hi Carol;

You didn't mention some of the important factors. The price tag, weight and class.

Any laptop you buy know is fully capable of doing word processing, spreadsheets and web browsing. These are ordinary jobs.
Software related to the medical field are not process intensive and any laptop could do the job for her.

The selection then comes to portability, look and price tag.

Here are some suggestions covering different needs and prices:
-If you need something stylish, modern and having a good performance, go for the Microsoft Surface. It is ultra-portable, but a bit expensive.
-If you need something modern, capable, looking like a laptop (not a tablet) and less expensive, I suggest the ASUS Zenbook series.
-If you need something capable, but also economic, go for Lenovo thinkpad or Flex series.

And about the printer, go for a single color laser printer, not those cheap inkjet ones. A laser printer is a lot more better than inkjet in long term. My suggestion would be HP base models like the P1102 laser printer.

Feel free to ask any other questions.

Best wishes


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