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Laptops/Windows 8 upgrade - Do I need to


I don't want to give up my DVD player.  Is it true that it will not work anymore if I upgrade to windows 10.  Also, would I be unwise to not upgrade.  I understand that the free upgrade ends in January.
I do not use my computer for anything but watching movies.

Is windows 10 a lot better than windows 8.  If I miss the upgrade do you think it will be a lot of money to upgrade.

Hi Carol;

You can still use your DVD drive using third part software like VLC, PowerDVD, etc. Just the Windows Media Center is not supported in Windows 10.

Windows 10 has a better look and there are many new features and bug fixes from Windows 8. It also performs very well using Solid State Drives. But it is completely up to you to upgrade to Windows 10. You may want to try it out for some days. I think you have some time to downgrade to your older OS for 7 days.

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