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I will be going to las vegas at the end of may, for 3 or 4 days, with a few friends (all girls and 21+) for my 21st birthday and was wondering what would be the best hotel to stay at?

I would like to stay somewhere as nice as possible (preferably 5 star) in a suite (or better) with a nice pool, but also with a good, younger crowd. My budget would be no more than $600 per night for a room. (It seems like the more expensive/nicer the hotel, the older the crowd would be?)

I was also interested in getting everywhere by limo and was wondering would it be easier to hire the limo in advance (for the full 3 or 4 days? or just the certain hours needed?) or just to try and find one/ask the hotel when needed?

None of us have been to las vegas before so any extra advice you can give us would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!!


The higher price the hotel the older the clientele is not always the case you get a load of young people in Venetian and Palazzo (I personally do not like either) but you get loads of older people in Flamingo and Harrahs. You also get a load of young people in MGM and Planet Hollywood. As it is your first trip I would recommend that you first priority should be to get a great location as this will save you time getting to the places where you want to be, for this reason I would discount TI, Wynn, Mandalay Bay and Encore.

I am not sure that $600 would get you a suite at one of the 5* hotels if you are there over a weekend I have just picked the weekend of the 14th December for three nights (this is one of the cheapest weekends of the year) and the cheapest Suite at Bellagio is $679 + tax + resort fee per night. Also suites in most hotels are a lot more expensive than say two connecting rooms as there are generally not a huge amount of suites. The three main exceptions are Luxor, Mirage and MGM. Mirage gives you probably the best value for proper suites (ie two actual rooms rather than a big room) on the Strip we hired a penthouse suite to go to after our meal at our wedding and it was really lovely great views, private elevator and loads and loads of space. MGM also has a load of suites many fairly priced the Hollywood suites are the first two room suites and I actually prefer them to the Spa suites which are just a big room with a spa bath in the bathroom. Luxor has the spa suites these are in the 4 corners of each floor  these are really good rooms the Spa is in the Bedroom they have a separate bathroom with a  shower and a separate sitting room, these suites are not massive but they are great fun.

Hiring a limo for the entire time will soon be very expensive I have never hired one and if I needed to I would ask my friends at to sort it out for me but cabs are a plenty easy and cheap in Vegas that is what I use.

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hope this helps

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