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Tom, my family and I are going to be visiting Vegas late Febuary or March. We are a family of 5; my husband and I, with 3 children ages 2,4, and 11.  I can't find any place willing to accommodate us without spending hundreds a night. Where can we stay without booking 2 rooms and still keep our price to a minimum?   
      thanks for any tips!!

Hey Danielle,

I don't think any hotel is going to question a family with three small children. If you are trying to book online, most hotels' websites only allow a maximum of four people in the room. You'd be surprised at how many people try to cram eight adults into a room to save money. The hotel doesn't want those people because they use an inordinate amount of water, electricity and supplies without paying for them. That is why they cap the number of guests at four people.

In your case, however, they aren't trying to split up a family with three small children. It's just that the websites and the telephone operators are not allowed to create a reservation with five in the room.

So when you book, just indicate that you will have four people in the room. Then when you go to check in, just let your husband go to the desk with your oldest while you and the young ones visit the gift shop or something. There won't be any issues. As far as the hotel is concerned, you'll have four people in the room. You can still order a crib to the room, if the hotel offers that.

I'd be glad to help you find a specific hotel if you want to give me your travel dates and budget. But you should be able to find suitable accommodations at a nice hotel for less than hundreds per night - only the top-end five-star hotels charge hundreds per night. To start, you should look at places like MGM Grand, Monte Carlo, Treasure Island and New York-New York. Depending on what nights you'll be in town, you can find deals at these places for $99 or less per night.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions or need more detail.


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